The Best 30 Day Blogging Challenge You Will Ever Do

I’ve been wanting to create a 30 day challenge post for a while now, so I decided to finally do it, even though I don’t really have enough of a following for it to catch on. I was thinking about doing it on working out, or fashion, but I thought it would be best to start with what I know best. Maybe I’ll do a challenge every month in the new year. Anyway, here’s my blogging challenge for December 2016.

Day 1

Refresh your blog’s theme. Also bake a cake and eat the whole thing yourself in honour of Tyler Joseph’s birthday. Make sure you decorate it nicely.

Day 2

Write a personal post. If you can make someone cry while reading it, then you have earned my respect forever.

Day 3

Create a new logo. I won’t yell at you for paying someone to do it, as long as the main colour is neon yellow. If you do it yourself you pick the colours. It must be on your blog for twenty four hours. Good luck.

Day 4

Play a game with your Instagram followers on you account dedicated to your blog. If you don’t have an Instagram account for your blog, make one. If the game involves 2015 meme trivia then you get bonus points. (There aren’t actual points being given for this, it just means I like you more than everybody else.)

Day 5

Make a Christmas giving list – a list of things you would like to give to your loved ones. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, then make a list of future birthday gifts/gifts for any other occasion to give your loved ones. If you don’t have any loved ones, go to the bar and make a friend.

Day 6

Grab a friend and go take a bunch of new photos for your blog, including a photo of yourself for your about page. If you don’t have a friend, see the last line of the above challenge.

Day 7

Publish that one post that you’ve been scared to write or post. Just do it really fast without thinking or blinking.

Day 8

Create a plan to dominate the world. Post it and see if your followers are willing to help.

Day 9

Change the font of your posts on your blog.

Day 10

Bake an entire cake, decorate it, and try to eat it in one sitting. Document the experience and share it. If you’re on a diet have a cheat day and thank me later.

Day 11

Write me a cute letter since I have been alive for 15 years and 1 month. Thank me for the cake thing while you’re at it. Also, write a post that is more than 1000 words.

Day 12

Find a reason to put the word “hullabuloo” into a post.

Day 13

Give me 13 reasons to try out a velvet dress this holiday season.

Day 14

If you’ve done every challenge on this list so far, pat yourself on the back and pop open a cold one. Take a day off. If you’ve put up with my bullshit this long, you deserve a break.

Day 15

To make up for yesterday’s break, post two posts today.

Day 16

Write an email to your favourite celebrity begging them to do an interview with you for your blog. Since they aren’t going to respond, find a blogger with a cute blog to interview instead.

Day 17

Write a review for the Youngblood Chronicles. Bonus points if you knew what I was talking about without googling it. Triple bonus points if you’ve already reviewed it.

Day 18

Go on a mission to make one friend. Create a game plan, and attach it to your post documenting the experience. The goal is to set up a platonic coffee date for next Friday. May the odds be ever in your favour.

Day 19

Make your blog background black and your font colours neon for one day. See how many followers you lose. Note: If you blog for a living, this probably isn’t smart.

Day 20

If you want to do the cake thing again, I won’t object. Just make sure there’s a blog post about cute cats to go with it.

Day 21

Since I’m a ridiculous person and this challenge is probably making you cry yourself to sleep, I won’t judge you for drinking a bottle of vodka and taking the day off.

Day 22

See if you can photoshop a photo realistically enough to fool your followers. Tell them you found a unicorn and rode it through a forest in Scotland. Make sure there are at least three photos for proof.

Day 23

Write an apology post to your followers for tricking them. Make sure they know the forest was in Canada, not Scotland.

Day 24

You’re probably super busy with Christmas preparations, so here’s an excuse to get out of some dishwashing: You have to interview at least three family members using the following worksheet as a guide:

Day 25

It’s Christmas! Write a post that your family will see about next year’s wishlist. If you don’t do Christmas, then mail a letter to your parents about how much you want a specific item. It doesn’t matter if you live with your parents, send the letter through the postal system.

Day 26

Since it’s boxing day, so to the store and buy all of the advent calendars with chocolates you can find. The stranger the better. Make a haul post.

Day 27

Everyone is fed up with celebrating now, so plan a surprise party for the grumpiest person you know. If you can’t actually throw them a party, send them some confetti and write them a letter talking about how you know that they love the holidays, so you’re helping them extend the celebration. Send it using the postal service. Bonus points if you use glitter glue on the letter. Make sure they have a reason to write a letter back, and post both letters on your blog.

Day 28

You’re probably getting tired of this. I bet you’re diet’s ruined now, so before you can get back on track bake a cake and eat it. Use a whole can of that store bought frosting, and as many chocolate chips as you can fit on the cake. If you can eat the whole thing without vomiting up all the Christmas cookies you’ve been eating, then you get bonus points.

Day 29

Tired of this bullshit? Too bad! Write a post that is exactly 1000 words about that one killjoy that nearly ruined your holiday. Good luck keeping that one contained to 1000 words once you get going. I understand if you don’t want to post this one, so post it anyway.

Day 30

Since it’s the last time you have a valid reason to do this, bake a cake. Share this one with someone else, just so you can prove that this challenge helped you grow as a person.

Day 31

Cry because you’ll miss doing this. Write a sappy post about how great it was. Make a list of new year’s resolutions that you won’t keep. And last but certainly not least, thank me for making this one of the best months of your life, because you know it was. Also mail me one of the many advent calendars you bought on the 26th because I need some chocolate.

Good luck with this challenge, and I’ll fly out to hug anyone who finishes. If you’re planning on attempting this terrifying challenge, drop a comment, and good luck.


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